Monday, December 17, 2012

Oversized Holiday Gift Deliveries


Yes, another holiday season is upon you. You're out there shopping like crazy, not realizing that some of the gifts you purchased are too large for your cars. The store where you purchased the items doesn’t offer delivery service. No worries! Streetwise Special Delivery Courier service will pick up and deliver for you. No request is too bizarre. Marylou had bought a table saw for her husband Peter. The table saw would not fit in her car. Marylou called around asking friends if they knew anyone with a truck, she struck out on that. Marylou decided to call a delivery service. Marylou told her phone to look up special delivery service in San Jose. Streetwise Special Delivery Courier Service came up, it sounded good to her. She called and the dispatcher said "Streetwise Special Delivery Courier Service". Marylou explained that she bought an early Christmas present for her husband Peter and it would not fit in her car. The dispatcher said "we can help you with that". The dispatcher asked for the pickup location and the delivery location Marylou said it was going two miles down the road to Milpitas. The dispatcher she gave Marylou a quote. Marylou said "I don't know why I stressed myself out that was easy". For all your over sized holiday gift deliveries, call on Streetwise Special Delivery Courier Service.