Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kathy & Sara Piano Recital

Torley on Piano - awesomelicious art by Wynter...Image by Torley via FlickrKathy lived and worked in New York, but she was from San Francisco Bay area. Kathy got a call from her niece Sara who lived in the San Francisco ,asking her to come to her piano recital in two weeks. Kathy was unable to attend, because of the short notice. Kathy was heart broken, because she was always there for Sara's milestones. Kathy decided to have flowers and balloons delivered to Sara on the day of the recital. She called Streetwise Special Delivery Inc.Courier Service and asked if they delivered to the San Francisco Bay Area and could they deliver to two separate locations. "Dispatch said yes we can." Kathy wanted balloons delivered to Sara's house on the day of the recital. Streetwise Special Delivery Courier showed up at Sara's house on the day of her piano recital with balloons that said Your Awesome and I Love You.  Sara was so happy that her Aunt  Kathy sent her the balloons even though she could not be there. At her recital Sara played so beautifully.When Sara was backstage the same Streetwise Special Delivery Inc. Courier handed her a beautiful bouquet of flowers the card read "Sorry I couldn't be there
congratulations your 1 fan"   Love Aunt Kathy. Sara was so happy she
couldn't wait to get home and call Aunt Kathy and thank her for the balloons and flowers.

 If you have a milestone coming up in a loved ones life and you can't be there to enjoy it with them. Call Streetwise Special Delivery Inc.
Courier Service to make your loved one fill special on there special day.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jason and Melissa

Jacques Torres chocolates...mmmmImage via Wikipedia
Jason and Melissa had been dating off and on for six months. Jason was thinking of away to show Melissa how he felt about her. He decided to take her on a drive to the Napa wine country for window shopping, wine tasting and dinner. Melissa was reluctant, but she decided to go anyway. The drive to Napa was beautiful. While they were window shopping Jason noticed Melissa admiring a silk scarf in the window of one on the shops. At the wine tasting a gentleman from Streetwise Special Delivery  Courier Service came over to her with a box of her favorite chocolates. The card read sweets for my sweetheart,  Jason. Melissa was so excited, she couldn’t believe that Jason care that much. After a three hours of shopping and wine tasting, it was time for dinner. After dinner when just before the check was brought out the same gentleman for Streetwise Special Delivery Courier Service came over to Melissa and handed her beautifully wrapped box. In the box was the silk scarf Melissa had admired in the window, Melissa was so very touched that Jason was paying attention. 

If you have a special request let Streetwise Special Delivery Courier Service, make your Special requests come true.
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