Sunday, December 26, 2010


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Kelly wanted to send her client a last minute Christmas Gift. Kelly lives in Los Angeles and her client lives in Danville California. Kelly decided to send her client a bottle of Cristal Champagne, she called around to several liquor stores in the Danville area. Kelly finally found one that would take her credit card over the phone. She thought one task down and one to go. Kelly figured finding a Courier Service open on Christmas Eve was probably slim to none. Kelly got on the internet typed in courier service Danville and Streetwise Special Delivery Courier Service was at the top of the page. Kelly called the number and the lady said “Streetwise Special Delivery how may I help you.” Kelly told the lady what she wanted, and the lady said “yes we will be more than happy to help you.” Kelly thought that was easy, and how surprised her clients would be. Before she hung up the phone the lady said “just for you ordering our services you get a shout out to whom ever you like on Streetwise Radio”. Kelly was told how to get on Streetwise Radio, and what time the shout out would play.
Kelly was so happy she said “she would recommend Streetwise Special Delivery Courier Service to anyone looking for a courier service. “
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Jennifer lives in Sunnyvale she has been running around for the last two days doing her last minute shopping,for Christmas presents for family and friends. She doesn’t know how she will deliver all the gifts. Jennifer decides to hire a Courier Service to deliver some of the gifts that are out of town. Jennifer typed in Courier Service Sunnyvale and Streetwise Special Delivery Courier Service was the first Courier Service that came up. Jennifer set up Courier Service to San Francisco and Monterey. The Dispatcher told her that “since you have chosen to use Streetwise Special Delivery Courier Service you get a free shout out to anyone you like on Streetwise Radio”. Jennifer was told what time she would hear the shout out and how to get to Streetwise Radio . If you have a delivery to be made and you can’t do it. Streetwise Special Delivery Courier Service will deliver for you and Streetwise Radio will give a shout out to whom ever you like.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


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Leslie lives in San Jose she works as a nurse in the emergency room.  She was planning on going home to Sacramento on Christmas Day. She had her presents wrapped for her 3 nieces and 2 nephews.Christmas eve Leslie was asked to work on Christmas Day because they were short staffed. Leslie wanted to get her presents to her nieces and nephews so they would have them on Christmas Day. So she got on the internet and started looking up a Courier Service's. Everyone she called were closed. She was just about to give up when she came across Streetwise Special Delivery Courier Service.
Leslie called and the lady on the phone said Streetwise Special Delivery. Leslie was so excited, she said your open! Leslie explained her situation, the dispatcher said we will be more than happy to pick up and deliver for you. Leslie said to the dispatcher, "Streetwise your name sure fits you". "You sure are a Special Delivery Courier Service". If you can’t get home for Christmas and you have presents you want to be there on Christmas day call Streetwise Special Delivery Courier Service. We will make your Special Day happen for you.

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Friday, November 12, 2010


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The holidays are approaching fast. People are in mad rush to get their list done so they can enjoy the holidays. No matter if the list is all check off, there is always someone you've forgotten. Streetwise Special Delivery Gift Courier is there for you in a pinch. Say you've been invited to several holiday gatherings. One in San Francisco ,one in Palo Alto and one in Monterey. You can't be at all of those gatherings.Streetwise Special Delivery Gift Courier can be there for you with our customized gift baskets. Perhaps you just want to send a apology of a holiday flower
bouquet for not being able to attend. Streetwise Special Delivery Gift Courier is there for you. Lets say your purchasing a large gift that won't fit in your car and the stores shipping department is backed up and can't
deliver it until after the holidays. Streetwise Special Delivery Gift Courier, will pick it up and deliver your gift the same day. If you live out of town or in town Streetwise Special Delivery Gift Courier is there for you no mattered what your needs.
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kathy & Sara Piano Recital

Torley on Piano - awesomelicious art by Wynter...Image by Torley via FlickrKathy lived and worked in New York, but she was from San Francisco Bay area. Kathy got a call from her niece Sara who lived in the San Francisco ,asking her to come to her piano recital in two weeks. Kathy was unable to attend, because of the short notice. Kathy was heart broken, because she was always there for Sara's milestones. Kathy decided to have flowers and balloons delivered to Sara on the day of the recital. She called Streetwise Special Delivery Inc.Courier Service and asked if they delivered to the San Francisco Bay Area and could they deliver to two separate locations. "Dispatch said yes we can." Kathy wanted balloons delivered to Sara's house on the day of the recital. Streetwise Special Delivery Courier showed up at Sara's house on the day of her piano recital with balloons that said Your Awesome and I Love You.  Sara was so happy that her Aunt  Kathy sent her the balloons even though she could not be there. At her recital Sara played so beautifully.When Sara was backstage the same Streetwise Special Delivery Inc. Courier handed her a beautiful bouquet of flowers the card read "Sorry I couldn't be there
congratulations your 1 fan"   Love Aunt Kathy. Sara was so happy she
couldn't wait to get home and call Aunt Kathy and thank her for the balloons and flowers.

 If you have a milestone coming up in a loved ones life and you can't be there to enjoy it with them. Call Streetwise Special Delivery Inc.
Courier Service to make your loved one fill special on there special day.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jason and Melissa

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Jason and Melissa had been dating off and on for six months. Jason was thinking of away to show Melissa how he felt about her. He decided to take her on a drive to the Napa wine country for window shopping, wine tasting and dinner. Melissa was reluctant, but she decided to go anyway. The drive to Napa was beautiful. While they were window shopping Jason noticed Melissa admiring a silk scarf in the window of one on the shops. At the wine tasting a gentleman from Streetwise Special Delivery  Courier Service came over to her with a box of her favorite chocolates. The card read sweets for my sweetheart,  Jason. Melissa was so excited, she couldn’t believe that Jason care that much. After a three hours of shopping and wine tasting, it was time for dinner. After dinner when just before the check was brought out the same gentleman for Streetwise Special Delivery Courier Service came over to Melissa and handed her beautifully wrapped box. In the box was the silk scarf Melissa had admired in the window, Melissa was so very touched that Jason was paying attention. 

If you have a special request let Streetwise Special Delivery Courier Service, make your Special requests come true.
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


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Erick had to come to Santa Clara and do business in San Francisco. He had not been to the Silicon Valley for twenty years, when he moved oversees to work.  He was not looking forward to all the traffic he remembered when he left. Erick had this idea to hire a Concierge Service,  to do is pickups and deliveries between Santa Clara and  San Francisco. He found Streetwise Special Delivery Concierge Service. Erick was staying at the Biltmore Hotel in Santa Clara. In the morning Erick called Streetwise Special Delivery Concierge Service to pickup a package in San Francisco by 11am and deliver it to him at his hotel no later than 1 pm.
Later on that night Erick called  Streetwise Special Delivery Concierge Service and ask if it was possible to have the same driver to pickup at is hotel in Santa Clara in the morning at 8am. Dispatch said yes, the same Concierge driver is there for you 24/7 as long as you are doing business here. Erick thought to him self “I’m so glad I found Streetwise Special Delivery Concierge Service, I was not looking forward to dealing with the traffic he had dealt with twenty years ago.

Erick thought Streetwise Special Delivery Concierge Service met all of his needs while he was in Santa Clara. He would use them again and recommend there services to is colleagues. Streetwise Special Delivery Concierge Service is truly special just like the name says.


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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Streetwise Special Delivery is there for you when you can’t be. If you live across the country and your loved one is having a special occasion and you wanted it to be special for them. Call on Streetwise Special Delivery, we have a gifts section for all occasions. Let’s say you have a niece that has a music recital and you want to send flowers, candy or a special gift baskets Streetwise will make it happen. We deliver all over the Bay Area, San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland,  San Mateo, Mt View and Palo Alto. Streetwise Special Delivery will make all your special deliveries happen no matter if you can’t be there in person.
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